Our Invest Model

Patrick Capital Group business model allows for equity investment opportunities for private lenders in the form of either preferred return on capital or joint ventures for the individuals and institutional investors seeking solid return on capital.

Our model is based on strategies that are proven to be profitable in a slow real estate market and aggressive enough to capitalize in market where demand outweighs supply.

  • PCG locates and approves an investment property based on our strict investment criteria.
  • PCG offers a private note to cover the costs of purchase (Acquisition and renovations) The private lender sends the funds to the escrow company and the note is created.
  • We close on the property and begin renovation/development, and management.
  • Once the property is complete, based on our exit strategy we either refinance the property to cash out you as the private lender or we market the “for sale” projects to an end buyer.


The private equity investor receives 100% of their loan principal, plus the agreed upon terms of the transaction. Either specified return or 50/50 split of proceeds on sale.
Potential private lenders or equity partners may download a copy of our offering on this page and call us for any additional questions you may have. We at Patrick Capital Group look forward to working with you or just talking business in General.